Belgian photographer: landscape, macro and travel

Belgian photographer: landscape, macro and travel

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About BrechtDR

Hi there, my name is Brecht.
I am a photographer from Deinze, Belgium. During the day, I work as a Front-end developer at Marlon and during weekends/evenings I'm constantly working on my photography.
The range of my photography is quite wide. I love travel, macro, people and landscapes. I'm always interested in hearing about your project! I'm always up to a challenge.

With my trusty Nikon equipped and a variety of lenses, flashes, filters, etc and Luminar as my post-editing tool, I just love taking photos.

I personally do not have one "specific style", I always feel like each photo or series of photos deservers it's own look and feel. If you would work with me, I'd always try to work onto a style that we both think looks great. However, I do prefer to shoot in color because color makes the world look great.

So, don't hesitate, let me know about your idea, project, series of photos you want to have taken. Follow me on Instagram, give me some feedback, it's all welcome here.

I'm looking forward to working with you.